Basic robotics and mechanisms

Everywhere theres ether robotics or a mechanism even if it’s a clock there’s a mechanism that makes it tick.

Robotics are even in cars. Say the ones that have a auto park that’s done by robotics. In aeroplanes the pilot can plot a course and the auto pilot takes over and flys but the pilot still needs to help.

If even all you need is a rubber band it’s still a mechanism. A balance is a easy mechanism to make all you need is some icey pole sticks, glue (I would use craft glue), sticky tape or string or a small chain and a screw or a bearing

Robotics is more difficult to do you need something to code. I recommend the lego mindstorm set with that all you need is a computer or a laptop/netbook.

If you just want to play around with code I recommend the hour of code website link down below. The hour of code is also really good for learning mechanisms in code.

Here is a trailer of sprite box you can download it on the hour of code here’s a link



she’s scared of… cows?

Yesterday we and had an author come to school her name is Kathryn Apel (who’s still scared of cows) she is the author of bully on the bus and five more books.

Kathryn uses a mixture of verse-novels and shape writing in her book this means that there’s shapes in the book made out of verse-novels.

Verse-novels are a poem in a narrative format this means it’s like a poem but is really long.

Kathryn also talked two us about shape poems and we got to do one I did my one about a portal.

Here is her biography link.

Kat’s Pedigree


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I can’t stop com-plane-ing about this.

The past couple of weeks we have being making, flying, testing and especially… losing paper planes.

This is really fun to do and really stressful because one time I had a really good paper plane and it was so good it got stuck up on the roof. And we have to test them but I still need to make a version that flys properly.

My hypothesis is that my plane with big wings will be in the air longer than the one that is small and has a slim body and I think it will work the other way round here is a link to the website that I got them but the big one I have modified with my own ideals.

Here is some of my planes and working out.

Times tables octable

Octable interesting

Today I saw this this tool for maths, it’s called a octable.

An octable helps you with times tables. This is what it looks like.

So first you chose a times table for example 3s then you pick a color, say green, then you start your times tables.

Also you need to set a timer for a number of minutes. For mine I do 2 minutes.

The first number on green is 12 so we do 3×12 which is 36 after you keep on going with the rest and when you finish that section you move to the next one clock wise which is orange.

You repeat this process until the time is up.

My persevere writing peace

Homework homework homework, dreadfully life sucking homework.

This week our class did some persuasive writing.

We were trying to persuade if we should or shouldn’t do homework.

I chose to support the idea of not doing homework.

My reasons were

•home is a place to relax and play games not to do homework

•we should do homework at school

• kids have the rights to not do home work and play games.

I have some photos of my ideas and the actual peace.


Being human

Today we had two people come to our school and they perform a show called the human race.



In the human race the two people played the characters Deedee,Kimbo,Duncan and Kane.

In it, there was stages of being bullied. There was a bit that had school values but over all the meaning is being human because we all are.

Strip coding yay

Today we did some coding on the hour of code website.
Tuesday and Wednesday we did some minecraft block coding and today we got free chose of coding so I found one that had strip coding.
Strip coding and block coding are two different types of coding.
In block coding you have blocks that are coded to do things people code them in strip coding. In strip coding you write the code your self and have no pre-made blocks.
When I was strip coding I coded a game of pong I coded a spaceship and I coded Tetris

The tale of the Oreo-teerers

Why did It have to rain today any ways today we went to Tony Clarke Reserve in Macedon for orienteering.
My group was Isabel, Chloe (who brought spare socks) and Kealyn.
When we got there we went straight to map 8 it took a while to finish it but we did.
After we had to get map 1 that one was a little easier but it took a little longer because Chloe was feeling sick and she didn’t run.
When we finished we went to map 15 because it went into the woods and Isabel really wanted to go in the woods.
After awhile it started to rain and we all got really cold because we hadn’t taken our jackets.
We got very far before Isabel and Chloe started to go back then we found Mrs walker and she said we had to go back.
On the way back we found Isabel and Chloe who got lost somehow?!?!
When we got back to the oval we ate lunch and the rain stopped.
Then we played number hangman between the two classes we used my note book to keep the numbers in it so no one cheated.
Then everyone got back on the bus and we went back to school.